From September 2nd to October 31st 2024

Our Climate, our Mobility, our Challenge

Join the Public Challenge via the app and help avoid 1 million kg of CO2 during the challenge!
Stay up to date on the progress and discover how you can have a positive impact.

Public Challenge 2024

Swiss Climate Challenge

Track how you travel and understand your impact on the climate!

What awaits you:
- details of your trips and CO2 emissions
- challenges to earn points and improve
- leaderboards with friends or colleagues
- attractive prizes
- information on climate change

Start your journey

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The Swiss Climate Challenge is a contribution for more transparency in climate change by:

An initiative of
Made possible by
Swiss Energy
Powered by

Changing the earth, one trip at a time

Keep the emisson low,
and the earth happy

Your transportation types produce CO2. This has impact on the temperature change in the long rung. Try to limit your CO2 emission to keep the earth safe & happy.

Earth is heating

The artic ice is melting, the water levels and temperature are rising. This is mostly caused by the rising levels of CO2 emission.

Tracking your trips automatically

Wether you are traveling by plane, car or by foot, Swiss Climate challenge automatically tracks your CO2 emissions across all sorts of transportation. In order to do this, we depend on the location data while the app is running in the background.


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An FAQ is a list of frequently asked questions and answers on a particular topic.

1. What is the Swiss Climate Challenge?

The Swiss Climate Challenge provides a simple tool that allows you to track, compare and improve your mobility and its associated climate footprint. This is against the backdrop of the global challenge of roughly halving CO2 emissions by 2030 and becoming largely climate neutral by 2050.

2. What is the goal of the Swiss Climate Challenge?

Mobility is responsible for roughly 50% of the personal CO2 emissions of people living in Switzerland (source: BAFU greenhouse gas inventory and BfS microcensus study). This includes air travel and travel abroad, which in turn account for around half of the emissions from mobility. This is where the Swiss Climate Challenge initiative comes in. It aims to create incentives and thereby motivate companies and private individuals to reduce the CO2 emissions caused by their mobility behaviour.

3. Who is behind the Swiss Climate Challenge?

The Swiss Climate Challenge is an initiative of Swisscom and SwissEnergy. The Swiss Climate Challenge is programmed by Swisscom. The Swiss Climate Challenge is also supported by MOTIONTAG, based in Potsdam, Germany. The technology company is a pioneer in the field of mobility tracking. Blick act as media partners, but companies, cities, communities, schools and events can also become partners of the Swiss Climate Challenge.

4. What can the tool do?

The tool, which can be integrated into apps, tracks the user’s mobility behaviour after active opt-in using location and movement data automatically registered by a mobile phone. This makes it possible to determine how the person is moving.

With the help of the app, the user learns about the impact of their behaviour on the climate in a playful way, and can compare themselves with others, improve and receive rewards for completing defined challenges (see the next section in the FAQ).  The Swiss Climate Challenge accompanies the app with communications and provides incentives for improving your personal climate footprint. The calculation of CO2 emissions and energy consumption is based on the factors recognised by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy at

The app is available to everyone and is not limited to Swisscom customers.

5. What rewards are available to Swiss Climate Challenge users?

The Swiss Climate Challenge sets tasks (called “challenges” in the app) as an incentive for climate-friendly behaviour, in which “green points” can be won by achieving certain targets relating to CO2 emissions and mobility behaviour. There are challenges that are activated automatically after a successful opt-in, and other challenges for which you have to register separately in the corresponding area for challenges.

Green points show how many tasks a user has already successfully completed as part of the Swiss Climate Challenge. They serve solely as an incentive to compare oneself with other users and have no personal material value for the user. Green points can be accumulated across all participants in public challenges and be used to make a charitable contribution to a non-profit project, for example an environmental protection project. This contribution is financed by one or more of the initiators of the Swiss Climate Challenge or by additional sponsors. In case of prizes available for specific challenges, the green points totals can be used to determine the winners among users. In this case the winners will be contacted per email and the prize will be sent by post.

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